“Universal language”

We are often saying the same thing in a different way… what does this mean? we speak in so many different words, tones, languages, emotions but often- it is the same thing or same intention we are speaking of- the truth or understanding of this gets lost in the language or the translation or the tone. I believe there is a universal understanding out there- and in here within us. this gets lost as we grow and age and become immersed within the earthly world- however, it is still there. it’s up to us to learn to see this clearly, to learn to listen and to truly “see” – beyond the pain and emotions and differences and things we are conditioned to believe are “truth”.

Here’s a passage taken from my teacher Juli Somers at the CFIT in Santa Fe:
“We not only forget what God is like, we forget what we are like – who we really are.  We forget why we are here and see ourselves as these one dimensional beings. We get lost in believing we are these bodies – I am this pain, I am these emotions and all the roles we play. As Carlos Castenada so brilliantly put it, we need to remove our awareness from the “numbing effects brought about by living at ordinary states of consciousness”. It isn’t easy being in these bodies at times. Daily life gives us our spiritual practice. If we are awake, we are always being encouraged to stretch into more of an authentic being-ness. The secret of life has been hidden inside each of us and we only have to look within discover why we are here.”



3 responses to ““Universal language”

  1. It is so difficult to detach yourself from the one dimensions you connect your being with from the being that you actually are. I am Jewish, I am kinda pretty, I am a bartender, I am MS… or what ever quality one possess that influences the personality.

    Trying to let go of that but I can’t find any paint stripper strong enough to wipe it off me and start with la tabla raza…

  2. BridgeandBuild

    This is difficult yes. there are several immediate options I’ve found: change your literal surroundings such as job environment, area you live, people you spend your time with. these are physical things one can do to make movement. however, when it’s your own self perception regardless of society putting these labels on you, but your own… that is the question because if you can get to the answer being yes- it’s me- then you can make a significant change. many people are Jewish, kinda pretty 😉 and have MS. I’m sure I can say 3 things to compliment those in my own self- but what else are you? a sensitive and nurturing friend? a good listener? a smile for someone who feels more alone across from that bar you tend than you can ever imagine? an aunt? a daughter? if we take the non perfect things about us and consider them as negative things, then how can anyone move forward and find joy at all in this life. those little “negatives” and labels and things are what make us human. that’s the whole point. every ones got something. so I say it is up to you to unleash your talents and nurture and reveal your amazing-ness as one of the perfectly imperfect humans walking this planet. I’m not saying “look at the bright side” or “look at the good things you do have”. I hate when people say that as a response not accompanying anything else. It is true. Yes. But it is not an answer nor any help on its own.

    So you don’t need any paint stripper. You gotta see yourself separate from your ego. Your true self is that you in that moment when you’re alone and you feel complete and somehow know everything is as it should be. I say moment because these are usually fleeting or rare and may be a different scene entirely but do you know what I speak of? That is you. All else is ego and parts and pieces and past and family and environment and labels etc… Making you complicated. But your true essence is very uncomplicated and complete. People are constantly trying to find and implementing ways to get back to that true self all the time. Through running, dance, biking, sports, singing, the arts, meditation, yoga, surfing, writing, blogging, time alone whatever. Find what works for you. A time for you. And then work on that mind and those thoughts that keep you from believing what you know deep down is true. You are perfect. You are exactly as you should be so listen to yourself and stop resisting and say bring it on, yes?

    The real hidden trick in here is to realize we are not one dimensional beings. There is so much more. And we can ignore this or we can embrace it and go beyond the things that hold us back. This is a journey though. You have to want it because in my experience it doesn’t just lay itself out there for us to see and feel and understand. We are so simple yet so complex. For now I guess I say, if it doesn’t feel good, dismiss it for something that does. Like the fact you are loved by someone out there. I can say this because I actually know you and know it to be true. Even if I were the only one who adores and appreciates you- but I know that’s not the case either, so let’s start there.

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