9 year old vs Paulo Coehlo. Who said it better?

photo by marianne campbell

My almost 9 year old goddaughter texted me last night from iphone to iphone using a majority of emoji  symbols (Japanese icons) saying:

“go drink ‘icon of beer’ meet a ‘icon of man’ get (engaged/married) ‘icon of ring’ get a ‘icon of big diamond’ have a ‘icon of baby’ then look (back) ‘icon of an arrow pointing back’ at what you have done”

This just after my discovered quote for today:

God will ask only: ‘Did you love while you were alive?’ For that is
the essence of life: the ability to love, not the name we carry around
on our passport, business card and identity card. – Paulo Coelho

Put’s it bluntly and in perspective huh. We speak the same longing, we want the same things, if only that being to love and to be loved- yet once again realized in so many different expressions and languages and visions. Difficult not to judge or even be defensive as an independent 38 year old woman, her “directions”. But I get it. As I told her in reply, nice plan: maybe with out the “beer” so I can recognize a good man 😉 but if I do one day have a child that is half as amazing as she has been to me in my life, I would be luckier than I ever imagined. And I imagine a lot. What a gift that wise child is. And a sweet teaching of not to judge the words of people, but the message within them.


5 responses to “9 year old vs Paulo Coehlo. Who said it better?

  1. Wow, wisdom from a 3rd grader flows… text icons and all. Do you think she has been socialized to think all those things are what you “should”want out of life, (including the beer) or do you think she really knows that will make you happy…?

    • BridgeandBuild

      i think a little of both. she knows love makes her happy and those around her, but the specifics of “how” i would challenge have been through socialization for sure. i’m going to comment more in the reply above…

  2. i don’t understand what the big deal is here- that a child and a ‘wise man’ recognized humans need to mature, find a partner, share love and comfort, reproduce… survive as a species. I think the parrot downstairs, who’s not v bright is probably also aware of these fundamentals ?

    • BridgeandBuild

      Well I think I have to work on my wording and my editing first and foremost. That is definite. Thank you for your reply. Here’s what I was attempting to get at: I agree with you yes, survival and the instinct to mate and reproduce is fairly if not fundamentally natural for most all humans.

      In addition, a friend of mine emailed me this: “in response to your post the other day about love. I think you may be confusing the Universe/God’s desire for us to love and be loved with having a sexual relationship or marriage. These can be two very separate things. I know many people who are experiencing the fullness of life purpose of love from others and love towards others, who are not in a relationship. We do not need to be in relationship to experience this. In fact it may be easier to experience love and share love with others when we are not in a “relationship.”

      I had to look again at what I wrote and the implications because of the different replies here. I would agree whole heartedly with what my friend is saying. I had thought it hilarious this child would think it ‘love’ or ‘happiness’ comes in the package she portrayed. I don’t believe in that package myself as I have not lived that life and as my friend mentioned, I have also experienced much love in my world. Paulo was implying this: that love is the essential quest or goal or meaning of life, not marriage or reproducing. So I was acknowledging that one persons view of ‘love’ can be be entirely different. However the purpose remains the same: to love and be loved. There is no right or wrong or boundaries on how to love and how the receive it nor a certain package for this. Marriage and procreation are their own entities and not examples of “love”. They are expressions yes, but they do not give definition to the idea or manifestation of love.
      Love is its own entity and has no structures in this way.

      It is a complicated topic because you can then ask: what is the meaning of life here for us humans? Is it to love? Or is it to reproduce and survive? That is another topic so for now I keep my focus on the subject of love: that it is seen and felt and expressed differently by people. And I remember that during this process of seeing things differently the main point of love is to give it and to receive it- no matter how that is structured in a person’s individual choice or way in this world.

  3. Thanks for sharing Kathryn! xxaa

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