Thanks GP and Goop for today’s newsletter. My response below. What’s yours and can it be expressed in a neutral non-judgemental way on both sides?

Normally a shop, travel, recipe and fun blog by Gwyneth Paltrow- Today she gives a little of herself in support of human acceptance and human growth. In this case homosexuality. And regarding the Bible no less.

It really doesn’t need to be a heavy subject – it’s pretty simple actually. So thanks for posting GP and getting me to think about this for a moment, once again.

Here’s my reply:

photo by thayer gowdy (click photo to see her fab website)

I would just like to add that I interpret when Jesus speaks of “ I am the way” or “let me show you the way” and of the “Father”, that HE himself is saying “watch me” I am the Father and son and spirit in one, in this human form. Just as YOU are and have the potential to be here in this present life. The “way” is within us, not outside of us… When we see this we have found truth, found ourselves, found how to heal ourselves and the world… The Father is that all-encompassing LOVE that we came from and are part of, all of us, each one of us, connected by and through the “Father”. When you know this you are “saved” because you will become this grace and compassion and ultimately what Jesus and every other sacred evolved soul through time and history have been trying to show: LOVE. There is no room logically or scientifically and especially not spiritually for anything to exist that resembles judgment, within LOVE. Who are you to judge anyone but yourself. And furthermore, what you see in others is in yourself somewhere whether it be fear or unworthiness or lack of trust or love. So, heal yourself and heal the world. Don’t worry about others choices and avoid looking at your own. Care about your own spirit. You chose this life as a gift to learn, don’t waste it hating yourself deep down inside when you are truly worthy of the love you desire. Strive to “be who God meant you to be ( to me this is LOVE ) and you will set the world on fire.”  – Saint Catherine of Sienna. 🙂

Namaste. (I bow to the god within you:)


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