After several challenging events in Kathryn’s life, it was clearly time to move on.  Move on and let go in many ways…. let’s call it, Awaken.

She came to Santa Fe by way of Buenos Aires.  Before that, San Francisco was Kathryn’s home base.  At the time, she was the owner of a photography/advertising agency that provided Kathryn with the means and freedom to travel about.  She was able to conduct business anywhere so long as a laptop and cell phone were in tow.  Spending much of her time running from place to place for business and pleasure, Kathryn was essentially existing in a whirlwind busy life.  The universe had a different plan.  One by one, things started to fall apart.  Being pulled in so many directions was exhausting, difficult, and painful.  Personally and professionally, Kathryn was clear on one thing.  Change was necessary.  She gave up her apartment, put her things in storage and moved to Buenos Aires.  This is where, she realized later, her healing process would begin.

Kathryn spent the next few months open to what ever came up for her.  She realized her fears and trusted her intuition.  She let go of old relationships and patterns that were blocking her growth.  A few tango lessons didn’t hurt either…

She came back to the states to visit friends and family and take care of business.  She was passing through Santa Fe and decided to stay.  In the course of two years, after a lot of traveling and moving around, she sold her business and landed in one place.  Kathryn was beginning to get grounded.  Her life’s path was changing before her eyes.  Always interested in a deep spirituality, she enrolled as a student at The Center for Inner Truth.  Learning to hone her intuition and meditate through classes with guidance and through her own healing process.  Now in the graduate program, Kathryn has emerged as an energy healer and clairvoyant reader.  With gratitude for this new path and the awareness it has awakened, Kathryn would like to continue working with others, to share this life experience on a conscious level. She is committed to healing with those is search of growth and spiritual freedom.


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