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“Universal language”

We are often saying the same thing in a different way… what does this mean? we speak in so many different words, tones, languages, emotions but often- it is the same thing or same intention we are speaking of- the truth or understanding of this gets lost in the language or the translation or the tone. I believe there is a universal understanding out there- and in here within us. this gets lost as we grow and age and become immersed within the earthly world- however, it is still there. it’s up to us to learn to see this clearly, to learn to listen and to truly “see” – beyond the pain and emotions and differences and things we are conditioned to believe are “truth”.

Here’s a passage taken from my teacher Juli Somers at the CFIT in Santa Fe:
“We not only forget what God is like, we forget what we are like – who we really are.  We forget why we are here and see ourselves as these one dimensional beings. We get lost in believing we are these bodies – I am this pain, I am these emotions and all the roles we play. As Carlos Castenada so brilliantly put it, we need to remove our awareness from the “numbing effects brought about by living at ordinary states of consciousness”. It isn’t easy being in these bodies at times. Daily life gives us our spiritual practice. If we are awake, we are always being encouraged to stretch into more of an authentic being-ness. The secret of life has been hidden inside each of us and we only have to look within discover why we are here.”